Freedom Ceremonies

I have always held expression of emotion at the centre of my services as a celebrant. To learn your story and share it in a way that acknowledges, validates, inspires and celebrates. I advocate for this in every aspect of my life.

As a Registered Nurse and also in my own personal life I have seen and experienced what trauma and grief can do to someone’s light, their mindset and many aspects of their life. Sometimes as much as you want to let go, heal and move forward you just feel “stuck”.

This service is one I have been considering for a long time, like a niggle or a pull that wont go away. I now feel the time is right to offer this to our community. Not as a “business” but to simply help others using some of the skills I hold. To be of service to our community.

These freedom ceremonies will benefit those who have experienced trauma, grief, loss, unwellness or suffered abuse. Those who have experienced some of life’s toughest challenges and are now ready to emotionally and spiritually move forward.

Think of it as a funeral for that part of your life, a chance to acknowledge what you have experienced, move through the emotion, and release it.

A chance to raise yourself to the next level of your life, free from trauma and free from the hold it may have over your light.

Freedom ceremonies have no rules. They are done with anyone you want present, whether it be just you and me, or one hundred of your most supportive people. These ceremonies can be done anywhere, but is always best somewhere you feel safe. Even your favorite place like a beach, or at home in your own surroundings.

This is all about you and your healing

If this sounds like something you may benefit from I would be happy to assist you. Because we all deserve to life our life emotionally, spiritually physically free.

Prices start at $350.00 with a free initial consultation to float ideas and see if this service is right for you.

With love, Tracey